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Contact Earth Executive Offices or one of the primary branches near you for a list of sub-branches in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.

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Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth

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Main Course
Our course is comprised of learning modules posted at regular intervals throughout the year. Modules are frequently updated as new data arrives from starship logs, dynamic trainers, and other sources. Voluntary examinations complete the training. Though they are strongly recommended, they are not required.
Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth, Main Course.
     Basic Earth History and Earth History Known to Aliens
       Ship Log History
Courses Conducted by Starfleet-Certified Personnel
     Red Shirt Self-Defense Course for Civilians
     Basic Armaments Training for Civilians: How To Fire A Phaser.
Additional Services 
     Travel Warnings
     Weather Alerts
     Alien Traffic Hazardous To Humans
    Destination And Stellar Map Services.
      Help planning planet itineraries including information on native transportation, lodging and safe foods for human consumption. Access itineraries from any device: ships computer, tricorder, communicator and even some non-Terran devices.
      Synch trip plans with your vessel’s coordinator as well as with the coordinator of neighboring friendly vessels for gathering intelligence on star systems and their planets. 

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